Securus Continues To Innovate For Law Enforcement With The WCS

Prison is supposed to be uncomfortable. Convicts have committed a crime, gotten caught for that crime, sat in a courtroom to be convicted by a jury of the convict’s peers, and have been sentenced to jail. It is a lengthy process that all but ensures the guilt of the accused. Essentially, the people in prison deserve to be in prison.


In order to serve as a deterrent, prisons should feel uncomfortable. Statistics show that prisoners who decent treatment in the prison system are much less likely to commit crimes when released. When a prisoner receives an education inside the prison, they are also much less likely to commit more crimes. This reduction in crime rate also extends to prisoners who were allowed to talk to their friends and family on the outside of the prison. I believe in the humane treatment of prisoners and we should take all steps necessary to reduce recidivism, but that doesn’t mean prison should be a cakewalk.


Prisoners should be allowed to talk to their friends and family on the outside of the prison, but they must do so under strict supervision. That is where a company like Securus comes in. Securus is a telecommunications giant. They provide telecommunications services, including telephone and Internet services, to prison and jail facilities.


The prisoner pays for that phone call and the call is recorded. Securus provides law enforcement with software technology that allows investigators to comb through a massive amount of digital data using a vocal signature. The software can identify one particular voice within its database and pull-up all recorded phone calls involving that voice.


This system is circumvented when a prisoner gets a contraband cell phone within the prison. Calls made on a contraband cell phone cannot be recorded. These phones are often used to plan crimes inside and outside of the prison. Recently, Securus innovated a way to stop contraband cell phone activity.


The company unveiled the Wireless Containment System (WCS). The system prevents any contraband cell phone within a prison from connecting to a mobile network in order to make a call or a text. The system also identifies the signal in order to get more information for law enforcement about who may on the phone.

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