Arthur Becker Acquires Three Townhouses In Soho

Arthur Becker, an investor in the technology industry, has traded his condominium project for three adjacent townhouses on Sullivan Street, Soho. Public records indicate that the New York City real estate investment guru acquired the ownership of 30, 40, and 50 Sullivan Street. The three townhouses, which are 6,500 square feet, are among the four properties that were developed in conjunction with the 19-story condo building, Madison Equities, and Property Markets Group. When talking to The Real Deal, Arthur did not disclose the amount that he invested in the project. However, the data acquired by Real Capital Analytics showed that he offered $15 million in preferred equity and an additional $5 million in mortgage. Other documents, filed differently, indicated that the transfer for the three townhouses was $22 million while some indicated $29.4 million. Becker denied to have made additional investments for the project transfer.

Arthur Becker is Madison Partners’ managing member. The investment company deals with different businesses, including real estate, biotechnology and information technology. In 1991, Arthur joined Bear Stearns’ private client service division. Here, he made significant contributions. Arthur managed a proxy contest with Arnold Palmer in an effort to replace the ProGroup’s senior management team and board of directors. Arthur, who served as the chairman of the company’s board of directors, oversaw the sale of Bear Stearns in 1994. He founded Bnox, Inc. where he worked as the president. Bnox sold products for single-use cameras to CVS, T Maxx, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart.

Arthur is credited for founding different companies that include Advance Partners, LLC, a UK- based advisory services company, and Atlantic Investors. Together with his financial partner, they acquired three data center companies, including Navisite. According to, he led the company to acquire 10 companies in a span of 8 years before selling it to Time Warner in 2011. Arthur began investing in real estate and technology companies through Madison Partners. Later, he was appointed to serve as the chairman and CEO of Zinio, the largest digital magazine distributor in the world. Through his transformative leadership, he has enhanced the company profitability margins and succeeded in acquiring a digital company.

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