Igor Cornelsen – One of Brazil’s Top Investors

Mr Igor Cornelsen is a highly experienced investor and foreign exchange expert of Brazilian descent. He also used to work in the field of banking. In fact, he was deemed on of the best bankers of Brazil. He is currently living in South Florida, USA. He says he loves being able to practice his favorite hobby – golf.

Although Mr Igor Cornelsen has retired, he sometimes provides invaluable counseling in the field of investments. The knowledge he has acquired over the years should be relayed to other fewer experience investments. He often shares his most valuable tips on investing in his home country Brazil.

There are three tips that he shares during various interviews. Firstly, and probably most importantly, an investor needs to be familiar with the natives, People are very friendly and will support investors that they can connect with. Knowing your target audience is vital for every business. Investors should be sociable and transparent with the natives.

The second tip is to have a realistic view on the venture of investments. Disappointments go hand in hand with any business including investment at https://www.facebook.com/igor.cornelsen. The market in Brazil is expanding, but things are still shaky for the most part. Due to the instability and the size of the marker, there are many complex regulations to prevent misfortune. There are obstacles like the Restrictive labour market rigidity, regulatory complexity, enough high taxes, bureaucracy and a lot more. Investors need to realize that Brazilian laws on wikidot.com are difficult to work around, so they need to be prepared for everything and to learn as much as possible about how things work in Brazil. One uneducated choice may cost them everything.

The third tip that Mr Igor Cornelsen shares is a reminder. There are some restrictions when it comes to foreign-currency transactions and businesses that are not residential. Such operations need to be taken care of by accredited institutions such as banks for example. New investors need to educate themselves on this topic on jusbrasil.com.br because things can fall through if they get confused or are not able to realize how to proceed. The business of investments handles a lot of money and countries like Brazil have particular ways of doing it.

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