Why shampoo is awful for your skin and how Wen stood up against shampoo toxins

Modern civilization is starting to take notice of negligent companies that fill household products, healthcare items, beauty supplies and food….with toxins. Numerous articles have been written suggesting the use of vinegar to cleanse skin, baking soda to scrub toilets and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. The cosmetic industry is going through a revolution as well- attempting to make foundations that aren’t toxic, yet deliver the same staying power and coverage. The no-chemical revolution has already started for hair care.

“Though sulfate-based shampoos do effectively clean the hair, they can also strip the hair of essential oils as well as irritate the skin,” cosmetic chemist and BeautyStat founder of Ron Robinson told Glamour. Aren’t there any products that do not contain sulfates? Most companies really aren’t concerned with the chemical composition of their products or the long term effects that they have. Products are infused with toxic chemicals and banned chemical variants, all in an effort to prolong shelf line and increase profits. Sulfates, along with a few other chemicals, are ingredients that have no reason to be in personal care products. A few companies have proved that they care about the health of their customers, one of these is Wen by Chaz Dean.

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Chaz Dean is the mastermind behind Wen. Hailing from the land of stars and cinema, Chaz Dean built up career experience and brand recognition by working with celebrities in Hollywood. At the time that Wen introduced their brand almost a decade ago, the haircare market had not heard of a cleansing conditioner. Wen by Chaz Dean had an enormous task, they had to do twice the work of a regular start-up. First, they had to implement a tutorial, this was a new concept, and consumer education about the mechanics behind their product had to be performed. Then came brand recognition. Wen Hair was a fresh name and unfamiliar concept to Americans- but Wen succeeded.

Cleansing conditioners are not a fad, it is a noble and concerted effort to respect the basic right of all humans to use a non-toxic chemical. Wen embraced this change from the beginning and paved the way for numerous imitators. Wen has proudly introduced fresh scents over the years to complement its product line, Winter cranberry mint being one of them.

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