Identifying the Impact of Podcast Advertisement in the Growth of a Brand

With the aim of identifying the effect or the impact of podcast advertisement in the growth of a brand, Podcast One employed the services of Tom Webster, Edison Research VP to conduct and identify its impact to podcast listeners. After the research got concluded, Norman Pattiz, the founder of Podcast one announced the results of the survey.

The advertising test got conducted with five consumer brands. Additionally, five different products and services from the brands got selected. Results from the study as presented by Webster to Pattiz showed that podcast advertising contributed positively to customers intents of purchase. Additionally, it demonstrated a positive impact on brand recall. In a broader perspective, the major findings of the study indicated that:

  • A particular grocery brand awareness increased to over 60 percent as considered to 7 percent before the study.
  • Financial services products registered the greatest increase, 47 percent as compared to 37 percent for an automobile product and 24 percent of garden products.
  • Listeners likely to purchase a lawn and garden product went up to 22 percent from 16 percent in the pre-study. For automobiles products, a favorable opinion rose from 18 to 33 percent.
  • Restaurants particular campaign message recognition rose to 76 percent while for vehicles, it went up by 60 percent.

The research comprised of five brands. Some of these products have stamped their authority in the market while others sought to increase their market share by advertising. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The advertising campaign run for six weeks after which a post study got conducted. Results showed that podcast advertising has a positive impact on brand recognition. Additionally, it’s replacing the conventional methods of advertising.

According to PR Newswire, while Podcast One is revolutionizing the mode of publicity, the company employs a sales and marketing strategy well-crafted by its founder Norman Pattiz. Pattiz brings to this company 40 years of experience in the broadcasting industry. He prides himself with owning several media institutions including Westwood One.

Westwood One is the largest broadcasting house in America. The House manages and distributes NBC radio networks, CBS News, CNN Radio, NFL Football, and The Super Bowl among many others. Pattiz contributed to the foundation of Courtside Entertainment Group that is responsible for the production and distribution of quality programming.

Pattiz got inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame for his contribution to the broadcasting industry. He has served in many roles in his career. Today, he resides in Beverly Hills and is married to Dr. Mary Turner.


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