Youtuber Kim Dao Does A Bizarre Skin Treatment

Kim Dao is an Australian famous youtuber and blogger, she haves over 340K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Kim Dao does videos about traveling, tutorials, beauty, “vlogs” and hauls.

Kim Dao is very into skin care routines and treatments, that’s why in this particular video she talks about the process she had when she went to a professional dermatologist to seek a treatment for her skin. She went to an office in Gangnam, Korea named “Beautique Korea”. Before starting any treatment, the professionals had to evaluate the type of skin she has to decide on what treatment she should take. They told Kim that her skin was dry, and she should have the “Platelet-Rich Plasma” (PRP) treatment. The treatment uses your own blood which is injected back to the face to improve the moisture and skin texture. Learn more:

At the start of the treatment, they cleansed her face gently. After that, they used a professional device to remove the dead skin and then applied a numbing cream on her face. Kim Dao had to wait 30 minutes for the numbing cream to set in, while waiting she had a sample of her blood to use for her PRP procedure. She had removed the numbing cream and got started with the procedure with a device who had tiny needles to pull her skin to create space and add hyaluronic acid to her skin. That will help to keep her skin hydrated. Afterwards, they finished with a facial leaving Kim Dao’s skin beautiful. Learn more:

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