George Soros: Wealth and Political Affiliations

George Soros is the founder and the current CEO of the Soros Fund Management LLC, an organization that deals in funding various organizations and groups of people towards achieving their dreams or ambitions. Born in Hungary, George Soros has established himself as a business magnate and a force to reckon with when it comes to investment and funding. His success in the management field has earned him a spot on the Forbes list of some of the richest and most influential businesspeople in the world. As a matter of fact, in the year 2016, Forbes estimated George Soros to be worth more than $25.2 billion.

Since its inception in the year 1969 as the Quantum Fund, the Soros Fund Management has grown drastically over the past four decades. For a company that was started with just $12 million, the Soros Fund Management currently boasts over $30 billion in assets alone.

On the Forbes list, George Soros is ranked position 29 in the global list of billionaires. In the USA, George is position 19 in the billionaire’s list. On the list of the top 400 billionaires, George Soros was ranked position 19 in the year 2016. In the same year, Forbes ranked Soros at position ten on the list of the highest-earning hedge fund managers.

George Soros has never been shy when it comes to supporting politicians. As a wealthy billionaire, Soros has always had the heart to give back to the society. If he is not busy supporting activists, then he is busy having a boardroom meeting with some of his political friends. In terms of supporting other political ambitions, George was at the forefront in funding the Clinton campaign during the 2016 US elections. Through his major funding ventures, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) estimates that George Soros dished out more than $25 million towards the Hillary Clinton campaign team. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Though George Soros supported Hillary Clinton during the just concluded presidential election, his support came as a surprise. This is because George Soros supported Barrack Obama during the 2008 election rather than Hillary Clinton. However, his support for Barrack Obama dwindled in the year 2010. Despite this, Soros still supported Obama’s re-election. Six years later, Soros changed his allegiance and supported Hillary Clinton presidential bid against Donald Trump.

As a supporter of liberal causes, Soros has always been a critic of Donald Trump who he accuses of doing the job of ISIS which is to install fear. During the presidential election, Soros was openly against Ted Cruz and Donald Trump ideologies. In one of his columns, Soros warned the voters to “resist the siren song” played by Cruz and Trump. Soros had argued that the ideologies of these two leaders were not effective in fighting terrorism. Visit this site to know more at

After the shocking loss of Hillary Clinton, it remains to be seen what will be the next political step taken by Soros.

Wild Ark Makes Sure an Ecological Vacation Is a Perfect Fit

Ecology has been an important consideration for quite some time now. However, recently people have started to wonder if there’s more that they can do about it in their everyday life. Things like recycling are important, but most people end up feeling like there’s a lot more to ecology than tossing things into a recycling bin.

This feeling explains the sudden rise of eco-tourism. It’s a new type of vacation experience where people get a chance to explore environmentalism and help out at the same time. The connection isn’t always obvious, but it’s easy to see when one looks at an example. A company called Wild Ark offers a 7 day African Wilderness experience that’s the perfect example of eco-travel done right. The tour is led by native Shangaan trackers. During the 7 day tour people get a chance to see a wide variety of exotic animals in their natural habitat. But the most important thing is that the tours help to enrich the local economy and promote preservation efforts. Learn more:

And this is one of the real strengths of companies like Wild Ark. There’s a lot more to a properly designed eco-trip than simply flying people out to a location. Wild Ark is dedicated to making sure that trips actually benefit animals, locals, tourists and the environment as a whole. For example, in the case of the 7 day African Wilderness experience the money primarily goes to the local economy. Locals receive financial motivation to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the area. Along with this the money is able to finance projects that allow them to enrich their own lifestyle in an eco-friendly way without needing to take environmentally unfriendly shortcuts. Learn more:

Wild Ark also serves to vet the quality and legitimacy of tours. This gets around one of the problems often seen in charities. It’s often difficult to know where money goes. Wild Ark ensures that funds go to the right places and people. This is one of the main differences with eco-tourism when compared to traditional tourism. When someone goes on an eco-trip they can rest assured that the location will be better off due to their presence there. The trip helps the environment and makes sure that it’ll be available for further trips and further generations. Learn more:

Omar Boraie of Boraie Development Leads in the Urban Development of New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is the founder of the renowned real estate firm called Boraie Development. Boraie Development LLC is geographically situated in New Brunswick. This company specializes in the development of the urban property. The 72-year-old leader of the company has mastered the art of incorporating a client’s idea with his talent to generate a high-end property. From commercial to residential property, Omar has nurtured his team to develop friendly working relationships with his clients. Presently, Omar prides himself in being the owner of the New Brunswick apartments thanks to his support for urban development. According to Central Jersey Working Moms


When Omar began his career in real estate, he envisioned developing the New Brunswick property after touring Europe. Omar was working as a traveling chemistry specialist in 1972 when he traveled around Europe. The vicinity of the area was unpleasant according to him. He, therefore, yearned to develop the place into an urban area. When people vacated New Brunswick, he formulated building strategies for New Brunswick. The first project contained 21 blocks in a modern setting.

New Brunswick

Most residents from New Brunswick thought that it was impossible for him to develop a modern estate. Omar, however, proved them wrong by completing the Albany Street Tower in the 1990’s. This plaza offered the city well architecture office space. This space was in high demand. With the realization that the city required high-quality residential units, Omar thought it wise to develop a New York complex. The complex contained office space, parking garage and 121 units of spacious office space.


As Omar’s business developed, he explored different markets. He also generated several entrepreneurial networks with doctors, nurses, firefighters, business professionals, nurses, and teachers. Through his relationships, Omar was better placed to sell his ideas to the citizens of New York. He attracted a huge client base in the form of tenants. At that juncture, he developed The Aspire, a parlor for the youth. The area has several restaurants as well as entertainment parlors for nightlife.

 Boraie Development

Under the leadership of Omar Boraie, Boraie Development provides several services in the real estate market. From property development to sales and marketing, the team is committed to generating spectacular properties. This is done through providing exceptional products as well as services to clients. The forte of the management is working with the best and well known financial institutions, architects, visionary individuals as well as contractors with a clear understanding of all the projects.

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