Getting a Business Started with Advice from Marc Sparks

Starting a business is not an easy task. There are many things to discover when starting a business and many people struggle with the different things they need to take into consideration. Sometimes it is a matter of luck but most of the time there is a lot of hard work involved, and the first steps are always the hardest. The process becomes easier if there is someone who can offer mentoring and hep to answer easy and tough questions about the environment they are about to start spending a lot of time in.


Someone who knows all about starting your own business is Marc Sparks. He enjoys helping people understand the world of business better and encourages people to continuously learn something new when they decide to go down the route of entrepreneurship. It all starts with a business plan which is based on a business model. The first thing people need to establish is what kind of business model suits them and their purpose best.


Marc Sparks started Timber Creek Capital, and the premises allows the company to share the space with other companies as well. It allows new firms to have an incubation period and it gives the business owners time to consider all the little things many people forget to include in their initial business plan.


Marc Sparks insists that it is important to choose a safe space for the firm as people spend a lot of time there. He knows how important collaboration is and how success can balance on people’s ability to work with others. Learning from success and failure is equally important as well. Companies that stop learning also stop growing and evolving. Evolution is necessary because it allows the business to stay relevant and gain rather than lose clients.


Marc Sparks stresses how important dedication and passion is for cultivating success. He is the CEO of Timber Creek LP as well as a serial entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He wrote a book to help people understand the life of entreprehttpsneurship better and encourage them to step off the ledge and dive into the world of business.


He thinks that everybody is capable of learning the business practice. Sparks is ready to answer al kinds of questions about the good, bad and the ugly but he still encourages people to follow their dreams. It is important to stay focused and set small, achievable goals. Smaller goals are easier to measure, and progress is easier to notice as well. This is why an incubation period is also significant because it allows people to get used to the fact that this is now their life. They get to meet other professionals who are already successful and learn from them to get their business off the ground. Learn more:



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