Defending the Constitution from Errant Law Enforcers

Laws are made public for everyone to abide by them. Laws are made in congress and may sometimes have some bias against particular communities and individuals, especially those who are not legal citizens.

However, the American Constitution is very comprehensive and protects every individual from identity discrimination and persecution. The content and context of the American Constitution are made public and everyone is obligated to read the Constitution for the sole reason of defending it. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The Constitution defends itself through public institutions which may challenge or be used to challenge laws and policies that may be formulated by state and federal officials, either appointed or elected.

Where state and federal officials contravene the American Constitution and seek to infringe on the rights of the people, brave Americans have the right and the responsibility to express their discontent.

More than just express themselves, they also have the right, and responsibility to challenge such officials or laws and policies in the court of public opinion. Such challenges are mostly made by members of the media, and activists. Similar challenges can, and should, be made in courts of law.

Those who vehemently believe in certain ideas that are in line with the American Constitution have been known to brandish them in public and defend them in courts of law, concurrently.

Such are the likes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who single handedly initiated the demise of the most oppressive county regime known to the 21st century in American.

The Maricopa County Lawsuit

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin initiated a lawsuit against Maricopa County for wrongful arrest and harassment back in the year 2007. In the lawsuit, the two veteran journalists accused three county officials of abuse of office. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

They accused County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, County Attorney Andrew Thomas and special prosecutor Dennis Wilenchik of conspiring to silence the media. More specifically, the lawsuit argued that the three conspired to conjure fake grand jury subpoenas that were in clear contravention of the Constitution.

They claimed that the illegally drafted subpoenas were a result of the county officials’ ill-motivated efforts to cover up the illegal and underhand activities perpetrated by the office of the Maricopa Sheriff’s Office.

Exposed for Abuse of Office

Self-proclaimed America’s toughest sheriff has a long history of oppressive tactics of handling his jail inmates and critics. The Phoenix Times and Village Voice Media officials had been on the sheriff’s Case for a while because they wanted to verify whether accusations made by the Phoenix Hispanic Community on numerous counts of racial profiling and brutality were true.

The Phoenix, Arizona community, in general, had been whispering in silent fear about the sheriff’s abrasiveness and authoritarian demeanor. Upon investigating, Larkin and Lacey found out that indeed:

• Prisoners (60 in two years) were dying under Joe Arpaio’s custody because of malicious negligence
• The sheriff’s office was losing large sums of money to embezzlement
• The sheriff conducted numerous unlawful raids in Hispanic neighborhoods and detained Hispanics indefinitely and without due process
• The sheriff intimidated and persecuted any of his many verbal critics
• The sheriff maintained county jails in deplorable conditions and subjected jail inmates to torturous treatment

The alleged fake grand jury subpoenas demanded of the Phoenix Times to surrender Lacey and Larkin’s journalist notes and sources as well as private browsing information of all persons who read articles on the Arpaio tyranny. In defiance, the duo declined to comply and sued for indulgence by the public.

They published the subpoenas and explained how and why they were a breach of the Constitution. The sheriff ordered the arrest of the two: the arrests were made at night, violently and in a suspicious manner.

The public held demonstrations over the arrests and the two were released the next day only for them to initiate the lawsuit. The lawsuit was won and a powerful precedence was set against law enforcers who conspire to infringe on the rights of others.

Larkin and Lacey decided to commit the 3.75 million dollars awarded as compensation to the Frontera Fund; an initiative to protect the Phoenix Hispanic Community and the First Amendment of the American Constitution from further abuse.

Role of Non-Governmental Institutions in Ensuring Justice Is Served for All

It is through upholding human rights and dignity that every person on earth, weather poor or rich can feel valued by the society they live in. Sadly, some people, organizations or countries do not observe the laid out laws that aims at protecting every human beings.

Some people are jailed without any legal representation or charged higher and unreasonable fines. Some other people are used by drug traffickers as means of transporting the illegal drugs and all other forms of injustices happening in the world.

It is because of this that Amnesty International was formed back in 1961, to represent all people, the minority, the voiceless, children and women. Since its inception. Amnesty has millions of members and it is funded by their contribution and other donors. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

It is purely non-governmental organization that has members from over 150 countries across the world. Since amnesty is free from any interference from governments, it works effectively to represent the rights of any individual in any part of the world without preference or intimidation from any authority.

Among the people represented by Amnesty are; refugees, prisoners, women, children and other minority groups that are discriminated based on their sexuality or religious practices.

By representing these people, amnesty ensures that they have legal representation when they appear in court and although death penalty is legal in some states and countries, Amnesty still fights against it as it fights against torturing prisoners in an attempt of getting information out of them.

Amnesty works under the principle of global impartiality, justice for all, respect, global security and democracy for all. To protect children, amnesty fights against recruitment of child soldiers and advocates for free and compulsory education for all children in the world. Amnesty still works to protect all political people by ensuring that anybody involved in politics is safe to practice his rights without fear of extrajudicial killings.

There are other organizations who like amnesty have dedicated their time and resources in ensuring that human rights are upheld by all. Michael Lacey and Jim founded New Times and Village Voice Media and dedicated all their $3.75 million settlement money that resulted from their arrest case in 2007 into the organization to protect and fight for the right of all.

The two were arrested in the middle of the night from their homes for revealing the existence of a grand jury proceeding on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The jury was seeking some notes from the two journalists regarding the sheriff. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Lacey and Jim have now dedicated all the money that they got from their unwarranted arrest to protect freedom of speech and other human rights by giving voice to the voiceless through provision of funds to human rights organizations.

How The U.S Money Reserve Is Improving The Customer Experience In The Market For Precious Metals

As one of the leading private distributors of foreign and U.S gold, platinum, and silver issued by their respective governments, the U.S Money Reserve is equipped with adequate market knowledge and staff expertise to offer proficient assistance and guidance in deals concerning precious metals.

Based in Austin, Texas, the U.S Money Reserve was established in 2001 by gold market experts who saw the need for quality customer service combined with high-value products to attract and maintain customers.

According to Glassdoor, the U.S Money Reserve prides itself for a technically competent team that utilizes their talents and industry experience to source for products that represent the best potential profit. This has enabled the firm to serve more than 300,000 clients since its establishment.

This is a testament to the U.S Money Reserve’s commitment to building strong interpersonal and long-lasting relationships with their clients. The entity provides products such as certified and graded silver, platinum, and gold coins, as well as buying guides that assist customer decisions.

In 2016, the CEO of the U.S Money Reserve, Angela Koch announce the launch of the “2016 Gold Summit Show”, a direct response television program that would be based on discussing crucial issues touching on the market for precious metals.

The show would feature industry specialists such as the Chairman of the Industry Council of Tangible Assets and President of the U.S Money Reserve, Philip Diehl; Brad Castillo, a former top management executive of the firm, and John Rothas, a numismatic expert at the U.S Money Reserve. It also included the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, Michael, and moderated by Larry King.

Michael Reagan propounded his father’s commitment to the right of American citizens to own gold and the importance of owning precious metals issued by the state. The 28-minute show would also focus on informative panel discussions centering on the buying power of the dollar in the highly volatile economic and financial markets, as well as any contemporary global trends that are affecting the market for gold and other precious metals.

According to Angela Koch, the show was made possible through the firm’s established relationship with Micheal Reagan, and the latter’s personal understanding with Larry King. These two factors are what created the opportunity for the two professionals to collaborate on such a well-timed and innovative program.

Owing to the high standard products, ethical business practices, and exemplary customer services offered by the U.S Money Reserve, they have been awarded by the Business Consumer Alliance with the highest possible rating of “AAA”. The primary objective of the firm is to become the most trusted distributor of precious metals by enhancing the customer experience.