Sweetgreen is a costly and nutritional salad that got people queuing in a long line just to make their orders. It is located about ten blocks north of the Tech Insider office. In December, another salad shop was opened up two blocks away.

The store showed a lot of success as there was a line out the door almost all the time. Sweetgreen has been proven by doctors to be a healthy food that is both tasty and reasonably priced compared to other snacks such as fries which are not nutritional.

The idea of Sweetgreen started in Washington, DC in 2007.There are over forty sites in New York and California.Sweetgreen is now the role models for restaurant companies that would want to start from scratch.Nathaniel Ru founded Sweetgreen with the aim of providing “service design.”

Sweetgreen currently has an app that is closely imitating the store experience.The good thing about ordering the salad by the app is that once you order you skip the long queue and go to the designated drop off area.

Nathaniel Ru says that he came up with the idea when he went to Northern California at the Salinas Valley to meet a farmer who had a plot intended for broccoli growing.

Apparently, the broccoli were not eaten by anyone.There the farmer ended up tilling them back in the ground. Nathaniel Ru wanted to show people that there’s a lot more to eat besides kales. Sweetgreen made a deal with the farmer for the broccoli greens.

About Nathaniel Ru

In 2007, Nathaniel Ru graduated with a BS in Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Nathaniel and two other graduates from Georgetown founded Sweetgreen in the year 2007. The heart of Georgetown was their first location.

Sweetgreen currently has up to twenty-seven locations in six states, and their founders are still planning to expand it to the west coast in twenty fifteen.

Nathaniel and his partners launched sweet life in the year 2010 to provide the community with a delicious and healthy dining option. Sweet-life is currently the largest music and food festival in the region.The event attracts more than twenty thousand attendees. Sweet-life has a reputation of embracing good and healthy living. The sweet green brand has also been awarded several press accolades.