Save Money On Energy Cost By Killing Phantom Drain

Most have experienced the jaw-dropping dread that results from receiving an energy bill that is was much higher than expected. When faced with this predicament most have also wondered how can their energy bill be so high and just what can be done to make this expense more manageable.

Well, there are things that can be done to relieve the pressure of high energy bills. An important step to take is to consider the hidden impact of household gadgets on your energy bill.

For some, this may come as a surprise but devices that are plugged into outlets continue to use energy even if not in use. The cost may not be a lot at any given moment but can add up over periods of time. For example, unplugging your coffee maker when not making coffee will lead to a $1 saving a year. The same is true for laptops, toasters, blenders, and so on. By unplugging your DVR while not in use saving of $36 a year can be attained.


Surely many will see these savings to be too small to be relevant but just think of the $130.00 saving that comes from unplugging an entire entertainment system when not in use. This money can be much better put to use in ways other than paying for unused energy.

The only trait that needs to be exercised to rescue one from the expense of phantom drain is diligence. It is suggested that plugs for gadgets be consolidated to power strips that can be turned off in unison when not in use. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.

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