St. Anthony’s Orthodox Church Music Ministry includes a mixed choir and Byzantine Chant Choir. These two groups are responsible for the liturgical music in all of our services. The Chanters are responsible for Vespers, Matins and the reading of all scripture passages during our worship.

The SATB Mixed Choir is mainly responsible for the responses at all Sunday and Festal Divine Liturgies during the liturgical year. As is the ancient tradition of the Orthodox Church, all our music is sung cappella. Our Chanters utilize the musical tradition of Byzantine Chant in English. Our Choir uses settings from the traditions of the various ethno-musical traditions in the Orthodox Church including music from the Syro-Lebanese, Greek, and Slavic Traditions mostly sung in English.

We are always looking for new voices to join us in singing God’s Praises.
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Choir Director and Head Chanter:
Choir Librarians: Elsie Jockel and Joanna Marge
Chanter’s Librarian: Teresa Thomas

Our activities include but are not limited to:
Singing/Chanting at all Liturgical celebrations at St. Anthony’s
Participation in Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers with the Spirit of Orthodoxy Festival Choir
Participation in Archdiocesan singing events